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Antiaging Skincare Secrets for Women over 40

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Have you counted how many antiaging cremes and lotions are on the market? And, have you realized that you feel increasingly lost about which skincare products to buy? You are not alone!

Women over 40 are underrepresented in skincare and cosmetics ad campaigns. Often, young attractive women are shown presenting anti-wrinkle products without showing even one wrinkle. Should that convince a mature woman to buy?

The important question is what is it women over 40 need from their anti-aging skincare regime?

Healthy, Clean and Natural Skincare Ingredients

Once women turn 40, they can no longer avoid the reality that their skin consistency has changed. The skin is no longer as elastic, as firm, as hydrated and as wrinkle-free as it was in their 20s or 30s. Suddenly, women need to re-educate themselves to find a new anti-aging skincare regime. Clearly, as we are getting older, we put increasingly emphasis on using good, healthy, clean and natural skincare ingredients to halt anti-aging.

But which natural skincare to choose?

Anti-aging Natural Skincare has become critical to the skincare regimes of many women over 40, over 50 and over 60. However, natural skincare does not equal natural skincare. Mature women require specially formulated products to fight aging-related concerns such as dry and sacking skin. The solution of many skincare companies is to just pack their cremes and lotions with popular ingredients. This does not work! You need to look out for products specially created for women over 40. Do not compromise!

A Complete Anti-aging Skincare Regime

Women over 40 also require a simple yet high-quality anti-aging skincare regime. You do not have time to use 10 different products every day. You are busy and you have other life priorities. Therefore, women over 40 are very selective and informed about which skincare brand they choose.

A complete anti-aging skincare regime for women over 40 need to consist of two categories:

Cleaning Mature Skin

Products that help you clean your skin: Remove your makeup and remove the dirt that has accumulated during the night, respectively during the day on your skin. You want to have a clean surface before putting any care products on your skin.

However, cleaning your skin when you are over 40 comes with extra challenges. As your skin is no longer as firm as when you were younger, you don't want to rub something in or off your skin. Conclusion: The secret is not only to use the right products, but also to use them the right way!

Caring for Mature Skin

Did you know that you will have to use less products if you choose the right high-quality natural products? You will see improvements quicker and clearer! And - most importantly - the results will be remain longer and delay the aging process.

A Trustworthy One-Stop Shop for All Your Anti-aging Skincare Needs

Navigating through the many natural skincare products to find the ones suitable for women over 40 can be quite tricky. Not many women over 40 are yet familiar with natural skincare products. Simultaneously, many companies are offering natural skincare products but do not target women over 40.

BIENESSE is dedicated to helping women over 40 find the best natural skincare regime.